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Residential Overview
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Energy Smart offers home energy assessments and instant rebates to residential Entergy customers in Orleans Parish who invest in energy improvements in their homes. If you make home improvements to rescue your energy bills, you'll also be helping to protect the environment! Here are some common challenges homeowners face, with ways Energy Smart can help:

"I'd like to take a whole-house approach to improving the energy efficiency and comfort of my home." Home Performance with ENERGY STAR
"My central AC unit seems to run inefficiently, and I can't figure out why." CoolSaver
"I'd like to get a new central A/C unit, but I need a qualified contractor to install it." CoolSaver
"I need a new window A/C unit." ENERGY STAR Window A/C
"It would be great if I could install efficient lighting, but the light bulbs are expensive." Residential CFLs
"My electronics and entertainment system seem to suck a lot of energy, even when they're turned off." Advanced Power Strips
"My pool costs a lot of money to operate." Pool Pumps
Residential Overview
Home Performance with ENERGY STAR
CoolSaver℠ AC Tune-Up Program
Lighting & Appliances